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Soviet Jews in World War II : Fighting, Witnessing, Remembering

ISBN: 978-1-61811-314-6

Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017

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This volume discusses the participation of Jews as soldiers, journalists, and propagandists in combating the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War, as the period between June 22, 1941, and May 9, 1945 was known in the Soviet Union. The essays included here examine both newly-discovered and previously-neglected oral testimony, poetry, cinema, diaries, memoirs, newspapers, and archives. This is one of the first books to combine the study of Russian and Yiddish materials, reflecting the nature of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, which, for the first time during the Soviet period, included both Yiddish-language and Russian-language writers. This volume will be of use to scholars, teachers, students, and researchers working in Russian and Jewish history.


Acknowledgments 6
Preface. Gennady Estraikh and Harriet Murav 7
Part 1: Histories 15
Chapter 1. Mordechai Altshuler, “Jewish Combatants of the Red Army Confront the Holocaust” 16
Chapter 2. Joshua Rubenstein, “Il?ia Ehrenburg and the Holocaust in the Soviet Press” 36
Chapter 3. Oleg Budnitskii, “Jews at War: Diaries from the Front” 57
Chapter 4. Gennady Estraikh, “Jews as Cossacks: A Symbiosis in Literature and Life” 85
Chapter 5. Arkadi Zeltser, “How the Jewish Intelligentsia Created the Jewishness of the Jewish Hero: The Soviet Yiddish Press” 104
Part II: Representation, Documentation, and Interpretation 129
Chapter 6. Marat Grinberg, “Foreshadowing the Holocaust: Boris Slutskii’s Jewish Poetic Cycle of 1940/41” 130
Chapter 7. Harriet Murav, “Poetry After Kerch?: Representing Jewish Mass Death in the Soviet Union” 151
Chapter 8. Olga Gershenson, “Between the Permitted and the Forbidden: The Politics of Holocaust Representation in The Unvanquished (1945)” 168
Chapter 9. David Shneer, “From Photojournalist to Memory Maker: Evgenii Khaldei and Soviet Jewish Photographers” 187
Chapter 10. Memoirs 208
a. Boris Slutskii, “The Story of Gershelman, a Jew” 208
b. Mikhail Romm, “The Question of the National Question, or A Rally for a Genuinely Russian Cinema” 219
c. Anatolii Rybakov, “A Novel of Memoirs” 230
Chapter 11. Zvi Gitelman, “Afterword: Soviet Jews in World War II: Experience, Perception and Interpretation” 251
Index 264

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