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Democratizing Judaism

ISBN: 978-1-936235-16-2

Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017

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Democratizing Judaism is a two-part examination of the Reconstructionist philosophy of Mordecai M. Kaplan. Part I is largely devoted to a defense of Kaplan against several serious critics. It also provides new insight into Kaplan's theology through reference to as as-yet unknown passages in his Diaries. Part II provides a critical analysis of the contemporary Reconstructionist movement and explores how a Kaplan disciple treats problems of democracy in Israel and issues of ethical theological concern.


Acknowledgements 9
A Personal Introduction 10
Part I. Mordecai M. Kaplan Reexamined 29
Ch. 1. Theorist and Activist 30
Ch. 2. The Rational Mystic 52
Ch. 3. Toward a Theology of Experience 67
Ch. 4. Religious Education for Democracy 81
Ch. 5. On the Theology of Election 100
Ch. 6. Other Critics 120
Ch. 7. Naturalism and Supernaturalism 142
Ch. 8. Ethical Values in the Thought of Bertrand Russell and Mordecai M. Kaplan 174
Part II. Reconstructionism Reexamined and Applied 183
Ch. 9. Reconstructionism Revisited 184
Ch. 10. A State with a Jewish Majority 197
Ch. 11. The Concept of a Jewish State 213
Ch. 12. What Is a Zionist State? 222
Ch. 13. The Western Wall 248
Ch. 14. A Theology of Ethics 257
Ch. 15. “Is This the Meaning of My Life?” 273
Ch. 16. A Rational Approach to the Idea of God 288
Ch. 17. When a Judge Steps off the Bench 294

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