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Judaism in a Post-Halakhic Age

Автор: Cohen J. J.

Дисциплина: Религиоведение

Год издания: 2017
Издательство: Academic Studies Press
Объем (стр.): 217
ISBN: 978-1-934843-92-5

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Judaism in a Post-Halakhic Age tackles the following questions: 1.What is Halakhah, and what role has it played in the creative survival of the Jewish people for two millennia? 2. Why is Halakhah no longer capable of functioning as it has until now? 3. What sort of polity and religious culture can be recommended to replace the Halakhic tradition in an era of freedom, democracy, scientific research and religious pluralism? The author, however, out of his great respect for Halakhic culture, asks what it can still contribute to Jewish civilization and the advance of a united humanity.

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