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Bo, Jenny, and I

ISBN: 978-1-936235-73-5

Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017

Объем (стр):225


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Bo, Jenny, and I is a memoir describing the life of a young woman growing up in unusual circumstances, as well as a discussion of political and sociological effects of troubled times upon “ordinary people.” After an early childhood in pre-war Antwerp, the author, her formidable grandmother, and her young, unconventional working mother fled to England in 1940, upon Germany’s invasion of Belgium. As refugees, the family adapted to its changed circumstances and to life in World War II England. The political upheavals of the times are reflected in the life of this small family and its remarkable experiences.


Part I. A Childhood in Antwerp 1
1. The Family 3
2. The Invisible Man 16
3. The Children’s Home 27
4. The Preventorium 36
5. Elementary School 49
6. Isy 60
7. Silvie 73
8. Flight from Antwerp 84
Part II. Adolescence in England 97
9. The Blitz 99
10. Bedford Central School 111
11. King’s Warren School (1) 121
12. King’s Warren School (2) 131
13. Jenny 141
14. The Summer Camp 157
15. Abe 168
AFTER WORD. John McKenzie 179

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