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Religious-Zionism : History and Ideology

ISBN: 978-1-934843-25-3

Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017

Объем (стр):154


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Religious Zionism is a major component of contemporary Israeli society and politics. The author reviews the history of religious Zionism from both a historical and ideological-theological perspective. His basic assumption is that religious Zionism cannot be fully understood solely through a historical description, or even from social, political, and philosophical vantage points. This book is the first study on this subject to be published in English.


Preface vii
Chapter One. A Revolutionary Consciousness 1
Chapter Two. Rabbi Reines and the Foundation of the Mizrachi 10
Chapter Three. Religious-Zionist Education: Beginnings 19
Chapter Four. Rav Kook: An Orthodox-National Alternative to Religious-Zionism 27
Chapter Five. The Foundation of the Chief Rabbinate 34
Chapter Six. Ha-Po‘el ha-Mizrachi: Against the Exile and the Bourgeoisie 42
Chapter Seven. Criticizing Zionist Policy 51
Chapter Eight. The Settlement Drive 63
Chapter Nine. Religious-Zionism and the Holocaust 71
Chapter Ten. Israel’s First Years: Hopes and Disappointments 81
Chapter Eleven. From Rearguard to Vanguard: The Struggle for Greater Israel 95
Chapter Twelve. Religious-Zionism in the United States 105
Chapter Thirteen. Religious-Zionism: Present and Future 115
Bibliography 124
Index of Names 138
Index of Subjects 143

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