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Rabbi Marcus Jastrow and His Vision for the Reform of Judaism : A Study in the History of Judaism in the Nineteenth Century

ISBN: 978-1-61811-356-6

Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017

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Rabbi Marcus Jastrow (1829-1903) was one of the most important figures of nineteenth-century Judaism, but is often neglected. This volume presents his life and his views on the reform of Judaism in the context of the changes and developments of Judaism in his lifetime. It covers his early life and his career in Europe as a preacher and rabbi in Warsaw, Mannheim, and Worms, and then discusses his activities in the United States, where he served as rabbi of Congregation Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia, as well as his work on his famous dictionary. Jastrow was deeply involved in the important religious and scholarly initiatives of American Jewry: he took part in the emergence of Reform as well as Conservative Judaism, being involved in major controversies and polemics regarding them, and had a great impact on the creation of Jewish scholarship and Judaic studies in America.


Foreword to the English Edition vii
Foreword ix
Introduction: Judaism in the Nineteenth Century: A General Overview xvii
The Haskalah and the Reform of Judaism in Germany xvii
The Infl uence of Reform in Judaism in the Polish Lands xxvi
Judaism in the United States xxxi
Part I. Europe 1
Chapter 1. The Early Years 2
Rogozno: Jastrow’s birthplace 2
Jews in Rogozno 4
Marcus Jastrow in Rogozno and Poznan 12
Studying in Berlin and Halle 16
Chapter 2. Jastrow in Warsaw, 1858–1862 21
The Synagogue on at Danilowiczowska Street 25
Jastrow the Preacher 33
Changes in the Liturgy 39
Education and Culture 46
The Lomdei Torah Society 50
The Salon: Among Young People 53
Educational Reform 56
Polish-Jewish Relations and Reform Ideas in Polish Sermons 59
Jastrow the Revolutionary 73
Chapter 3. Mannheim 89
Chapter 4. Return to Warsaw, 1862–1863 96
Chapter 5. Worms 104
Part II. The United States of America 109
Chapter 6. Congregation Rodeph Shalom 110
Jastrow as the Rabbi and Preacher of the Congregation Rodeph Shalom 112
Chapter 7. Controversies 130
The Confl ict between Jastrow and Wise 130
Defending American Jews 141
The Controversy with Samuel Hirsch 143
Chapter 8. Liturgy: The Minhag Jastrow 152
Chapter 9. Jastrow and the “Historical School” 160
Maimonides College 161
Toward a New Seminary 167
Chapter 10. Wissenschaft des Judentums 173
“Jastrow’s Dictionary” 173
The Jewish Encyclopedia 179
The Jewish Publication Society 182
Conclusion 187
Appendix I. Jastrow’s Leter to Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin 192
Appendix II. Aleksander Kraushar, “Kartka z niedawnej przeszlosci” 194
Appendix III. Selections from Jastrow’s March 1, 1861, Sermon 198
Appendix IV. Jastrow’s Lett er to the Synagogue Council of Mannheim 200
Appendix V. Jastrow’s Farewell Sermon 205
List of Abbreviations 209
List of Illustrations 210
Bibliography 212
Index 241

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