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Personal Theology : Essays in Honor of Neil Gillman

ISBN: 978-1-61811-190-6

Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017

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“A worthy tribute of substance, esteem and affection to the master teacher and fearless theologian of our day, who has given a lifetime of service and thought to the welfare of the Seminary and the cause of Conservative Judaism.”. Ismar Schorsch, Professor and Former Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary


Acknowledgements 7
Preface. Shaul Magid 8
Introduction. William M. Plevan 10
Jewish Images of God. Elliot N. Dorff 18
The Certainty of Myth: The Legacy of Neil Gillman. Ira F. Stone 42
The Seminary Theology Professor’s Special Responsibility. Eugene B. Borowitz 50
A Neo-Hasidic Life: Credo and Reflections. Arthur Green 65
Is There an Essential Theology for a Halakhic Movement?. Nina Redl 88
Is Theology the Handmaiden of Halakhah? Joel Roth 104
Is the “Halakhic Authenticity” of Conservative Judaism a Broken Myth? Leonard Levin 130
Toward a Curriculum for Increasing the Active Participation of Congregants at Prayer Services. Saul P. Wachs 151
Mordecai Kaplan: “The Master of Midrash”. Mel Scult 170
The “Ethnic Jew” and Judaism in America according to Felix Adler, Josephine Lazarus, and Mordecai Kaplan. Shaul Magid 182
Making Peace with Philosophy: Emil L. Fackenheim’s Hegelianism. Sharon Portnoff 210
Living the Death of God in the Hope of Words: On Gillman, Jabes, Marcel, and Badiou. Aubrey L. Glazer 220
Index 236

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