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Russian Society in the Context of Crisis Realities : internal and External Factors

ISBN: 978-5-7777-0692-8

Москва: Весь Мир, 2017

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The book provides summaries of the main results and findings of the three-year national sociological monitoring survey of the state and dynamics of Russians' mass consciousness in the face of crisis and new challenges which manifested themselves in 2014-2016. It analyses consistently the impacts of socio-economic, political, ethno-religious and psychological contexts of the national everyday life, which influence adaptation of Russians to crisis conditions. Particular attention is given to socio-cultural and foreign policy issues of a qualitatively new social reality in which Russian society finds itself today.
The book is designed for specialists and a general audience who wishes to acquaint themselves with the Russian reform process, as well as with its perception and reflection in mass consciousness and living practices of our co-citizens.


Introduction 6
1. Research Strategy: a Matter of Defi nition 13
2. Acute Phase of the Crisis in the Minds and Behavior of Russians 16
3. Public Perception on Crisis Realities 22
4. Social Psychology and Economic Behavior of Russians under the Force of Circumstances 28
5. Post-Crisis State of Russian Public Opinion 36
6. Russians on International Status, Current State and the Future of the Country 43
Common Conclusions: Fundamental and Situational in Russian Society 51
References 65
Annexes 75

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